Going the extra mile saves Claire 18 months’ fees

July 2nd 2013

Claire from Tyne & Wear approached Five Lamps recently for a loan towards car repairs

Whilst discussing her income and expenditure, Vince Rogers Five Lamps Loan Officer at their Newcastle office established she was paying fees of £30 per month to a debt management company.

He introduced Claire to Step Change, a leading UK debt charity who arranged to cancel Claire’s payment arrangement and set her on a fee free revised payment plan. This means she will save 18 months fees as the new arrangement will be completed in 42 months compared to the original arrangement which would have taken 60 months.

Claire is delighted with the outcome and said

“Vince was very supportive and helpful throughout my application. I feel that a massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Big thanks to Vince and everyone at Five Lamps, keep up the good work”

Vince said

“Five Lamps provides affordable credit to financially excluded individuals and last year provided loans to over 11,746 customers, enabling them to move away from high interest credit. However, I recognised that in Claire’s case I was pleased to refer her to Step Change who have really supported her and given her a better longer term solution to help ease her debt problems”