I feel safe now I have the girls, knowing somebody will be there if I need them”

Home from Hospital Customer

“A brilliant service! I would highly recommend”

Katherine, YEI Customer

“The business workshops helped clarify my thoughts and feel more able to turn them into actions”

Enterprise Customer

“The personal loans gives the people who had bad credit the chance to get a loan and also makes sure the payments are not too high”

Conduit Loan Customer

Thank you for the chance to rebuild my credit rating and not be crippled by APR rates that punish you for your past history. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel”

Conduit Scotland Loan Customer

“The service got my wife and I the help and support we need”

Home from Hospital Customer

“My loan was all done in less than 2 hours the staff were clear and explained everything I needed to know”

Chris, Darlington

“It was easy and straight forward and I feel like the service was nice and positive and I didn’t feel belittled one bit”

Ann, Carlisle

“You have treated me as a person instead of a credit score. Thank you so much, I cannot thank you enough.”

Neil, Billingham

“Very helpful when in need of financial help and a very fast service. They always keep me updated on the process of any application. Excellent service. THANK YOU!”

Miss Smith, Sheffield

The support I received from Five Lamps has been an invaluable part of the process and I would recommend them to anyone needing business support

Michael Martin, Middlesbrough

Being unemployed for the first time after a fortunate 30 years work is daunting enough, couple with opening a business is scary. At a time when your confidence may be at its lowest you need to be at your most confident. I found Alison at the Job Centre helpful and Ian and his colleagues at Five Lamps priceless! I did a couple of courses which were helpful and then had 1 on 1 time with Ian to help get the business from idea to plan to opening. At a challenging time Five Lamps were in a position to what no one else could, listen, advise, steer and build confidence

Steve Ashman, Yarm