Penny’s energy worries and debt are cleared

January 9th 2014

Penny was referred to Five Lamps as part of the Warm Homes Healthy People project by Stockton Borough Council as she was having issues with her energy supplier over an outstanding utility bill

Penny, who lives in Billingham, was concerned about an outstanding demand for over £700 and needed advice on how to deal with the demanding letters. Her case was passed onto John Hird a Senior Loans Officer at Five Lamps who visited Penny at home to look at a resolution to her problem.

After looking at her energy bills, John could see that she was receiving all of the discounts for having a Dual Fuel account and paying by Direct Debit but upon checking her bank statements there were no actual monthly payments being debited for her gas account. John rang and spoke to the supplier who agreed it was their initial error and they would now set up the monthly direct debit, in the meantime John applied to Charis for a grant to help Penny have the outstanding debt written off.

Unfortunately the energy supplier failed again to set up the direct debit which meant the outstanding debt had increased and then the grant application was declined.

John decided to start the whole process again as he felt Penny had a strong case due to the negligence of the energy company towards the increasing debt. After speaking again to the energy supplier they did eventually put the monthly payments in place and then by re-applying to Charis for help with a grant.

After a long three month wait for the grant application to be assessed it was finally approved in November and Penny was awarded £770.00 which cleared the balance of the outstanding debt.

John was pleased to ring Penny and give her the good news, Penny said

“I am stunned I do not know what to say, but I would like to thank Five Lamps for all of their help during a difficult time in my life”

Five Lamps are currently working with Stockton Council on the Warm Homes Healthy People project helping people in Stockton on Tees who are suffering from fuel poverty.