Cycling into Work

August 22nd 2018

Cycling into Work

Leon is 21 years old and has joined Virgin Money Ready for work clubs following a somewhat challenging life story to date.

He arrived in the United Kingdom from Africa a few months ago having been separated from his family for ten of his formative years.

He recently completed his ‘form four’ (GCSE equivalent) in Zimbabwe and was looking for any opportunity to increase his life skills and a direction towards full time employment.

Whilst at school, he was playing football at a senior level and was reputed to be the driving force in the team ‘White Birds and the Merlin’ which achieved division 2 status in Zimbabwe.

Upon his arrival within the UK, his Mother contacted Five Lamps to find out more about the Virgin Money Ready for work clubs after hearing about their services.

Leon successfully completed the six sessions; however Five Lamps felt that he required further training and specific interaction within his interest of football. He was signposted to Street League, where he could mix his sporting prowess along with the knowledge he had taken away from the work clubs to gain work experience and apprenticeship opportunities.

Street League helped Leon with volunteering opportunities within football coaching and he also attended a course in warehousing.

With all of his newfound knowledge, skills and experience, Leon applied for a job within Tesco as a Warehouse Assistant. His application was a success and he received a job offer.

Unfortunately, although this was extremely good news for Leon, the job opportunity was over 17 miles from his home and would require him taking three buses and then walking 20 minutes to his work destination. His shift patterns would also mean that on some occasions buses would not be available.

However, to overcome this barrier, Five Lamps were able to secure him a pushbike through the Miss W E Lawrence Trust.  The pushbike is also foldable to ensure he can transport it on a bus if required.

Leon said;

“Having arrived in the country only a few months ago, the prospect of any training or employment seemed impossible. But thanks to Virgin Money Foundation and Five Lamps, my confidence and options have really increased and I am very grateful to them for assisting my move into full time employment”

If you would like more information on Five Lamps Ready for work clubs, please contact us on 01642 608316.

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