Teri’s Business is more than just an Accessory

April 15th 2020

Teri Ellington first came to Five Lamps in 2018 for business advice; she had a vision to create a luxury, high quality, time piece, which would also offer exclusivity to her customers.

Five Lamps, Business Advisor, Chris Butler, was very impressed with Teri’s determination and passion to turn her vision into a reality.

Teri had lost her job and with £80 and a laptop she had designed and created her first watch collection, the Sheba collection. The collection was dedicated to Teri’s German shepherd Sheba, who had become a therapy dog for Teri after she was unable to leave her home for almost two years, as she suffered with depression, anxiety, and agoraphobia. Sheba helped Teri to build up her resilience and overcome her mental illnesses.

Teri was referred to Five Lamps by her Father, who had received business support from Five Lamps a few years previous.

She received one to one support from Chris Butler, Five Lamps Business Advisor including encouraging and supporting her to research and develop different ways to grow the business, and also, acting as a “critical friend” to constructively challenge her where appropriate.

Chris Butler said,

“The more I do this job the more I’m convinced that, with passion, hard work and staying power anybody can create a successful business. Teri has those attributes in abundance”

Two years since her first initial Five Lamps appointment, Teri’s business is growing from strength to strength, she has worked hard to continue to overcome any challenges and each day is learning and growing. She has moved from her home office in her garage into new premises and is now looking to expand her business further by employing two members of staff.

As well as watches Teri has now expanded her business by creating ‘inspiration bracelets’ in support of mental health, the bracelets are rose gold and each bracelet has a unique inspirational quote, which offer a reminder to the wearer that they are loved and to never give up.

Teri has also secured funding from an angel investor which will help her to continue to grow her business.

Teri said;

“Without five lamps my journey with Ellington Timepiece may have not existed. Chris was very supportive, and he gave me so much advice, help and guidance to be where I am today. I still remain in contact with Chris. If there is anyone looking to start a business, then my first advice is to seek funding and guidance with Five Lamps”

To find out more about Ellington Time Pieces, please visit, https://www.ellingtontimepiece.com/