Megan Proved to be my Lifeline

May 22nd 2020

Alan was referred to the Home from Hospital Service from ward 24 at North Tees University Hospital as he was being discharged home and nurses identified that he would benefit from some support from the Home from Hospital team.

Megan Stevens, Five Lamps Support Worker, supported Alan by doing shopping calls for him, home help around the house and took him to appointments. Alan was happy with the support from staff and enjoyed having social chats with the staff who work on the project.

This is a particularly difficult time for our Service Users due to the Covid-19 pandemic and Alan is classed in the vulnerable category of the over 70’s, with a lifelong medical condition.

During one of Megan’s visits with Alan he began suffering from a serious nosebleed and it would not stop. Megan stayed with Alan to support him until it had stopped, whilst trying to reassure him. Megan advised Alan to call his pendant alarm if he panics or if it started again or to ring 111 if he couldn’t stop the bleed.

On leaving Alan’s property Megan received a call off Alan 20 minutes later, and rushed back and tried to calm Alan down whilst trying to stop the bleed. Megan was concerned that the bleed was not stopping and called an ambulance and Alan’s family.

A couple of days later Megan received a phone call from Alan with such joy in his voice informing them he is okay and is home.

Alan said, “There is nothing I can ever do or say to repay you Megan, you have saved my life, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you”

Alan has a long term medical condition, which means if he had not received medical treatment it could have resulted in a fatality. Fortunately Megan was visiting Alan that day and was on hand to support him and phone for medical assistance.

Five Lamps Home from Hospital Service is funded by the National Lottery Community Fund and helps people coming out of hospital with anything from their transport home; ensuring the heating works and the house is tidy; collecting shopping or prescriptions and liaising with a wide range of other services to reduce the chance that this person will end up back in hospital. The service supports the over 50’s coming out of North Tees University Hospital to ‘get back on their feet.’ Our Support Workers can also provide a vital link between the older person and the outside world at a time when they are still recovering from an accident or illness and encourage them to be involved in social inclusion activities.

To access the service please call, 07591951210 or 07739973394.