Conduit is the trading name of Five Lamps Trading Limited.

Five Lamps Trading Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Five Lamps charity. Click here for more information about Conduit and the services it provides.

Registered in England and Wales. Company Reg. No. 08029251.

VAT No. 242 5687 93.

Registered Office: Eldon Street, Thornaby, Stockton, TS17 7DJ

Five Lamps Trading Limited has Board of Directors who are responsible for providing leadership, strategic direction, challenge and entrepreneurship, driving the business forward and keeping it under prudent control.

Our current Trading Board is made up of:

  • Trevor Watson (Non-Executive Director, Chair)
  • Rod Jones (Non-Executive Director, Vice Chair)
  • Richard Poundford (Non-Executive Director)
  • Lars Hagelmann (Non-Executive Director)
  • Lisa Pickard (Director/Group Chief Executive)