Five Lamps make Personal Finance Fun at Ormesby School

January 14th 2014

In July 2013, Five Lamps delivered MyBnk Project’s financial education workshops to over 150 students in one day

The day consisted of 3 groups of 50 students all receiving a 2 hour workshop in personal finance. The sessions, taken from the award-winning Money Twist programme looked at youth employment, needs vs wants, budgeting and saving for the future.

The day was really successful and the young students who took part really enjoyed the day. Olivia, 14 said

“It was good and interesting to learn so many things about money and how to manage it now and in the future”

MyBnk help 11-25 year olds manage their money effectively and make enterprising choices. Money Twist arms young people with real life money skills through a series of workshops. Aimed at 11-26 year olds, the three session programme can be delivered in one day or over two/three separate sessions.

The content of a full programme includes: My Money: History and features of money, forms of payment, currency and exchange rates; My Choices: Budgeting, youth employment, minimum wage, needs vs. wants and saving; and My Future: Interest, accounts, ethical banking, flow of money and future of money.

Callum, 14 said

“I think the MyBnk workshop was good because I learnt a lot about personal finance”

Abbigail, 14 said

“It was fun and exciting and I learnt how to manage my money more sensibly”

Mr Warren, Head of Maths at Ormesby School said

“Great! Sessions were lively, well presented and engaged all students at an appropriate level”

Five lamps’ MyBnk project offer Enterprise education as well as Financial Inclusion and are all suited to tie in with many areas of the curriculum including Maths, English, Business Studies, PGCE, Work Related Learning and many more such as PSHEE.