Home from Hospital Service Protects the Vulnerable

August 28th 2019

Five Lamps Home from Hospital service recently supported a gentleman who had been discharged from the University of North Tees Hospital.

Staff visited him in his home for fourteen days to support him to get ‘back on his feet’ and to help him with food shopping and sorting through his bills, which were making him feel anxious.  There were some errors on his bills and staff were able to deal with various agencies on the Service Users behalf and also ensure they were correct.

On one of the Support Worker visits, staff found that the gentleman had signed a contract for security to be fit in his home.  The company was to fit 3 security cameras, a monitor, and doorbell with a camera and also provide a smart phone to enable him to watch the security cameras.  Staff read the contract and took note of the name and address of the company providing the quote.

There was a footnote on the signed contract which had a ‘cooling off’ period of 7 days if the person signing for the work to be completed changed their mind.  The cost of the work was going to be £1,600 and the gentleman became concerned and anxious at this amount and decided to cancel the contract.

He then made a telephone call to the security company and received verbal abuse from the ‘contractor’ and was threatened as he was told that the equipment had already been ordered.  He was also told that the man would be calling round to his house within 30 minutes.

Due to the vulnerability of the gentleman, and his lack of mobility staff rang Stockton police station to ask for advice.  Staff gave all details of the name and address of the company involved including the telephone number and e-mail address.  The police believed the company to be bogus and firmly believed that no one would turn up at the gentleman’s home.  He gave the Home from Hospital staff a crime number to pass on to the gentleman and told staff if there were any problems not to answer the door and to dial 999 and quote the crime number and police would arrive straight away.

Staff telephoned the gentleman at approximately 10.30am later that morning to ensure he was still safe.  His friend was at his home and he had not received any visits.

The gentleman was very pleased that Home from Hospital staff were able to support and help him with this and he was very grateful to save him £1,600.  The gentleman was an army veteran and his finances were very precious to him.

Five Lamps Home from Hospital Service supports people who are over 50 and live in the Stockton-on-Tees local authority with a free service to return home from hospital.  We provide up to 14 days of support and our staff can help with anything from transport home; ensuring the heating works and the house is tidy; collecting shopping or prescriptions and liaising with a wide range of other services to reduce the chance that the Service User may end up back in hospital.

For more information please call 07739 973394 or 07591 951210 or click here.