Help and Support through the Pandemic

January 20th 2021

Adrian was referred to the Pandemic Crisis Project by Little Sprouts in Thornaby. At the time, Adrian was shielding and was awaiting a covid-19 test due to having some symptoms. Unable to leave his home, Adrian required some support with getting shopping and having his prescription collected.

Staff spoke to Adrian on the phone and explained he was currently shielding due to a number of health issues and was hoping to receive some support with shopping whilst he awaited his covid-19 home testing kit. Staff offered Adrian a one-off voucher for ASDA for his shopping, which he was very grateful for and arranged a time to collect Adrian’s shopping list and carry out his food shop.

A day was arranged for staff to carry out the shop. Once the shopping was done it was placed on Adrian’s doorstep and staff moved away to a safe distance for Adrian to bring in his shopping. Staff also wore full PPE in order to keep themselves and Adrian safe whilst he awaited his covid-19 test. Adrian was so grateful for the help and could not thank the staff enough.

Since carrying out Adrian’s shopping his covid-19 test came back negative which was a huge relief for Adrian. However, Adrian was still shielding and although the government guidelines changed which encouraged those who were shielding to leave their homes during none busy periods of the day, Adrian still felt like he could not quite make the bus journey to the pharmacy to collect his prescription. Staff reassured Adrian that he did not need to worry as they would be able to do this for Adrian until he felt he felt more confident to carry this out himself.

Every week staff collect and deliver Adrian’s weekly prescription and chat to Adrian from a safe distance to see how he is doing and making sure he is well. Staff look forward to their chats with Adrian each week and enjoy listening to his goals and aims for the future.

Adrian has collected his prescription a few times independently when having a doctor’s appointment. However still feels a little uneasy using public transport as he has said he often gets off the bus early and walks the rest of his journey if the bus becomes too crowded. Staff continue to work with Adrian and support him in any way which he needs.

Staff spoke to Adrian about his experience accessing the Five Lamps services;

The service the Five Lamps have provided me during the pandemic and the time I have been shielding is excellent. They have been collecting my medication for me on a weekly basis and any grocery shopping if I need any. This eased the worries of having to organise having to collect my medication and shop. Being a stressful person, I was able to relax more and spend my time better. Home study, cooking, radio, art, online scrabble, reading and relaxation. From the onset I was introduced to Hannah who became my worker and I immediately looked forward to her visits every week however short they have been.

Hannah was thoughtful and we kept in regular contact by telephone to see if there were any changes to my prescription or if I needed any shopping. I was also introduced to several other members of the Five Lamps team though unfortunately I can only remember Megan’s name. Though I do remember their faces! Each of whom was equally caring and thoughtful as Hannah. Which gave me a feeling of being valued.

I would like to say thank you for the Asda voucher and the Christmas hamper you gave me. I hope to use the Five Lamps in the future for money management skills, finding voluntary work and going back to school.

I also would like to say thank you to Little Sprouts for directing me to the Five Lamps when I was at a low end and both have played a part in my health improving during the pandemic.
Thank you Five Lamps.

To find out more about the Pandemic Crisis Support Project, please contact Megan Stevens or Hannah Hammond.