Inside Out

'Inside Out' is a unique series of short films. Think you know young people ‘Inside Out’? …. Think again!

The films will challenge you and your perceptions of young people. For a number of years, young people have been telling Five Lamps about some of the barriers that they face in their every day lives and how they want the people who make decisions to listen to them. Five Lamps were successful in applying to a youth- led media project fund, which has enabled young people to "tell it like it is" through film.

Inside Out covers issues such as youth homelessness, aspiration, unemployment, lack of service provision, the misrepresentation of young people, disability and intergenerational issues.

Featured 'Inside Out' Film - Homeless and Helpless

This film is on young people's experience of being homeless told through 'Tom's Story'. Whilst Tom and his circumstances are fictitious, young people developed Tom's story by using their real- life circumstances and experiences.

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