I thoroughly recommend that if you have an idea/plan and want to work for yourself ’go for it’. I wish I had done it years ago and with the help you receive from Five Lamps it’s easier than you think! Five Lamps promotes and delivers a very good service and I’m very satisfied how I’ve been looked after. I can’t praise staff, in particular Ian Garforth, enough!

Mick Levett, Thornaby

Five Lamps meant that I could confidently begin working as a sole trader – something I had always wanted to do but never felt that I was supported enough to feel confident in this venture. They provided this support and much needed guidance, advice and a friendly contact just to clear up any queries I had. The different elements to my areas of business are all going well and I really appreciate the guidance given and feel it was the best thing I could have done. I recommend Five Lamps to anyone else who is seriously wanting to go self-employed but just needs a helping hand

Lyndsey Morgan, Norton

The personal loan from Five Lamps has helped me out a lot, I would not have been able to afford to pay for some of the items I needed for the new baby. The repayments are affordable and easy to manage as the payments come straight from my bank account on the day I get paid, Thanks to John for all of his help

Louise, Middlesbrough

The support and advice provided by Five Lamps was exactly what I needed in order to give me the confidence that going self-employed can work! I was provided with expert advice by my mentor Ian Garforth, from the start right to the very end. From Ian’s support in conjunction with attending the workshops I could then develop my business idea & implement the information provided and knowledge gained in order to form the starting blocks for my business strategy

Matt Willmers, Yarm

I was at the point of despair when I couldn’t access the required capital I needed to grow my business. Without the RGF loan from Five Lamps I would have had to go back to being a one-man band without any prospect of growing the business and attracting new commercial contracts. There is a real gap in support available for existing businesses as a lot of support is focussed on start-ups. It feels great to be able to take on new staff and create much needed employment opportunities locally

Russell Jameson, Middlesbrough

I would like to thank Amy and John for all their help and support through what has been a very difficult year for me. Today my energy supplier has confirmed the payment of £797.07 has now been received from the British Gas Trust. This could not have been done without Amy and John, so thank you so much for all your hard work and efforts. I can now move supplier and hopefully afford some heating

Gemma, Norton

The thought of going self-employed was very daunting as I didn’t know what to do, but after my first interview with Ian I felt more confident and I was shown how to do my accounts. I have been trading for 6 months now and the business is picking up, from internet appointments to word of mouth from previous customers. Thank you Five Lamps

Lorraine Illingworth, Stockton

I was referred to Five Lamps via the local Job Centre as I had an idea for a business and needed advice and support to make it real. Five Lamps provided a wide range of advice and information to help me achieve this, with one to one support offering guidance on formulating a business plan as well as the positive and negative aspects of starting a new business, I also attended several workshops which I found very informative

My mentor Ian gave me so much information and it was he who really gave me the confidence to believe that my business idea could turn into something exciting. Ian has really made a huge difference to my life as I have now achieved my goal of a cleaning business. Warrior Clean Domestic & Commercial Cleaning Service and I am ecstatic with my achievements, I have a van, equipment and products to enable a high standard of cleaning and business is doing well. Thank you Ian and all the Five Lamps staff for making it happen

Val Middleton, Stockton

When I first approached Ian and Five Lamps in 2013, I didn’t understand the background of starting your own business, but Five Lamps and the team put together workshops and meetings for people like me to attend. This helped me understand the fundamentals of running your own business. I have a huge amount of respect for the staff at Five Lamps as they are very dedicated to helping people like me. Ian and Deborah showed a lot of interest in my business idea which keeps me motivated. If it wasn’t for Five Lamps I wouldn’t have this business

Callum Murray, Yarm

My family and I would like to thank Vince, John and the Five Lamps’ team for their assistance. The support we received was second to none – it just takes a few nice people to take a chance on a family like mine, and you can change lives. Please keep up the good work!!

Charlie Morrison, Thornaby

The help I received from Five Lamps really has made a huge difference. My mentors gave me so much information and it was they who really gave me the confidence to believe that my business idea could turn into something real

Andrew, Stockton

The advice given to me by Amy was explained in a professional and friendly manner. I followed her advice and saved a large amount of money which has made me feel a lot better and will make our lives a lot better

Sheila, Stockton