We simply couldn’t have done it without the support of Five Lamps. The support has been invaluable. It’s also reassuring to know that we have someone to go to for continuous support as the business grows

David Sharp, Fairfield

A big thank you for all the help and support I received during a difficult time. The speed and ease of the service you provided was fantastic. I would recommend Five Lamps to anyone in need of help

Katrina, Morpeth

I’d never heard of Five Lamps before, but am so relieved you have been able to help me at such short notice. I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I’m able to sleep at night for the first time in ages

Susan, Newcastle

The help from Five Lamps has made a big difference to my life, I no longer have to worry about my finances and can now concentrate on my new job and career.

Sheryl, Middlesbrough

Five Lamps have been instrumental in helping us start.. The combination of free workshops, training and one to one support has been ideal for us. Without the New Enterprise Loan we would have struggled to buy our first batch of stock. We have felt throughout that Chris and the team really believed in us and the potential for this exciting adventure. They are continuing to work with us as the business grows and that is a great resource to have behind us

Khulani and Patience, Stockton

It’s great to know that all of our monthly payment is now being used to clear our debts and we will now pay them off much more quickly, thank you Five Lamps

Amanda and Michael, Middlesbrough

Lots of positive changes have happened in my life since being referred to Five Lamps. I am really thankful for the help and support I have received with various aspects of my life, not just in my search for work and believe I would not have been so successful, so soon, in gaining employment if it had not been for Five Lamps’ help

Mandy Swainson, Stockton

Five Lamps have been invaluable to us, their advice helped us to pursue our business idea. We would highly recommend their services. Any one with a business idea should certainly talk to them, its free practical advice. This is our first business venture, we would never have taken it further if it was not for Five Lamps, and we will certainly never look back – Thanks guys

Mandy Alderson, Stockton

It has been an awful and worrying experience but with the help from Five Lamps my finances are a lot easier to manage

Linda, Hartlepool

The VIBE sessions give me a chance to relax and to see Teejay happy and enjoying himself is fantastic

Kay Dalkin, Stockton

The support and advice from Five Lamps has been invaluable in helping me to get my life back on the right track with a fresh start

Graham, Stockton

If it wasn’t for Five Lamps I wouldn’t be where I am today, I would probably still be on the dole. Five Lamps are really interested in helping people achieve their ambitions

Jonn, Stockton